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Citigroup Center Entrances Plan
Citigroup Center Plan 2
Citigroup Center Plan 3
Overall Section
Detail Sections 1
Detail Sections 2
section model
section model 2
Detail Renderings
large plaza section
growth and space diagrams flattened


601 Lexington Ave. New York
In collaboration with Katherine Choate 

This Degree Project aims to explore the question of “how to get out of work” through a series of thresholds between states of work and free time, designed to contain work activity in a specific zone and catalyze a transition to free time. The design seeks to limit observed contamination of work time leaking into free time by reclaiming the liminal spaces around work environments for living systems. It will disrupt the existing hardscape, which no longer addresses the fluid nature of work in the information age, instead permeate the blurred
boundaries of workspace.Current technology allows for greater ease of mobile and collaborative work, so that workspace and place have become increasingly detached in the information age. We can carry work with us, vested in portable tools and objects. This lack of dedicated workspace fosters flexibility. Peristalsis is a new urban armature grounded in ecology, which employs the threshold to question interior and exterior, built environment and natural environment, as territory for design.

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